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I've been such a bad blogger. I haven't posted in weeks. ::scolding myself:: My excuse? (and yes it is an excuse, which I hate because it really comes down to the fact that I've been lazy) Mr. Parker has been sick. FOR A MONTH. A month of dripping snot, pouring drool, continuous coughing, and don't forget my favorite... sneezing. Right. into. my. face. And before you call social services and have my mothering license taken away for not bringing my poor child to see some kind of medical professional... We have been there. Three times. Yes, count them three.

The first time we where there it was the Monday before Christmas. He had been sick, coughing and sneezing since the previous Friday. As a first time mom, when my little 2 1/2 month old sounds like he can't breath... I freak out. So I stayed home from work and off to the Dr. we go. Since we couldn't get in to see Dr. C Parker's regular pedi do to the lack of openings and my lack of ability to be patience and wait until Tuesday, we saw Dr. W. The one who cut off Parker's penis. (Now that I think about it, kinda cruel... No?) So Dr. W says that is lungs are clear and that it is just a cold...

Isn't it always just a cold? Now granted that is SOOO much better than being told that there is something wrong with my lil' boy, but I can't do ANYTHING to fix him. Ugh. So completely and totally frustrating.

So a couple of weeks go by and the cold is just lingering. No matter what I do. And trust me, we tried absolutely everything.

-elevating the mattress (he just ends up in a ball at the bottom)
-sleeping in the bouncy seat (he would wake up and scream every time we tried to put him in there for the night)
-baby vics (didn't really seem to do much but I love the smell of the baby vics compared to the adult crap)
-warm baths
-running the shower on hot and sitting there breathing in the warm steam
-plenty of use of my favorite tool for a baby... the Booger Sucker.
-saline spray (oh, and by the way. spraying crap up your child's nose apparently makes you the devil. Just an FYI)

So after three weeks of this crap, Parker gets worse. And because of my extensive medical background (um, none. unless you can count my many many hours devoted to Grey's Anatomy.) I'm absolutely positive that it is in his lungs now. This time we get to see the wonderful Dr. C, (who did not cut of Parker's penis so is much more liked by him I'm sure) The diagnosis... back to back colds... his lungs sound great. ::Grrr:: off to continue with all the home remedies that are not doing an effing thing.

Anther weeks goes by. And if it is at all possible, he sounds worse. When he is coughing, he is either coughing so hard he can't catch his breath, or he is puking/spitting up. Neither of these are good. So with risking be called neurotic new mommy, we pack up and go see Dr. W again. At this point I think she is just humoring me.

Dr.: Has he really been sick for a FULL month?

Lacey: YES! A full month. Why do you think we are back for a THIRD time?

Dr.: Well, we will give him a round of antibiotics. If this is bacterial, he will get better in a few
days. If it is viral... he is just going to have to keep fighting it.

Lacey: Duh.

Just to make it clear, we (the Hubby and I) really didn't want to put Parker on meds. I do understand that he is building an immune system and this is how it works. He must get sick so he can fight the crap later. But when the kid is only 3 1/2 moths old and he has been sick for a 1/3 of his life... I feel like a horrible mother because I can't fix him... I have a sneaking suspicion that I will feel like that a lot of the time as Parker grows. Joy.

Just for the record. We are day three of meds and his cough is significantly better. ::smiles to self::



Hey There! I found your blog from Heir to Blair's... you've got such a cute little guy! I'm expecting my first (a boy!) in about 10 weeks, so I've loved reading about your experiences thus far. I especially loved hearing you have a routine... that's what I WANT! :) I'm excited to read what you have to say!

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