"Good" Morning

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I hate "those" mornings.

I was woken up by my boobs this morning. Or rather 1 boob. There was surging pain with the smallest of movements. Very confused as to why it was this bad, as it NEVER had been this painful before. I had to wake the Hubby to change Parkers diaper for fear of exploding if I moved too much. So I get Parker situated still wondering why I was so rock hard and wanting to cry.

Then it hits me...

Having last nursed on that side about 8pm last night, and having forgotten to pump before bed, it had been almost 10 hours! Ouch.

Once Parker had finished I laid him on our bed to go and gather his (as I fondly call it) booger sucker. He has been one congested little man for the past week. While I'm stumbling along in the dark it attempts to locate the said booger sucker I hear P go into a coughing fit. As I rush back to try and sit him up-right I find that he has spit up. (rather he coughed so hard he puke all over the sheets.) Wonderful. I guess I'll be starting my day early today.

After I put Parker back down I head out of the bedroom to 'fix' the other side of me only to find that I failed to was any of my pump parts last night. ::Sigh::

Although I don't consider this to be a horrible morning because I have had so much worse in the past. I just hate it when it is one annoyance after another.

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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all!

As the holidays fly by and the New Year approaches; I, as many do, start taking a look back and the past year. And what a year it has been. My life was changed forever this year when the Hubby and I found out we had made a baby. This Christmas will mean more than any past Christmas ever has.

For that reason I couldn't be more excited for the next two days. I LOVE the holidays. I really do. I love the food, the cookies (they cannot be under the same category because Christmas cookies are a special food group all their own) the shopping (yes I am one of those crazy a$$ people on Black Friday standing in line for hours in the freezing cold just to save a few bucks. And I have to best time doing it) the lights, the decorations. I look forward to seeing family and the friends I only the to see this time of year. I thoroughly enjoy the the mass chaos of and feeding frenzy that is the "gift opening". The fun cocktails and wonderful winter beers. I absolutely love the holidays.

This year, although Parker is too little too know what is really going on all around him, he brings a whole new meaning to Christmas. There is only one 1st Christmas for a child and you can never get it back. I fully intend to annoy everyone around me by taking far too many pictures and I'll try not to cry when we open his first Christmas ornament. There are those who can't be with us this year and it breaks my heart that they are missing something so special.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. May it be filled with wonderful family, great friends, and really good beer!

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Houston... We have a routine!

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A consistent routine. Something that to a new mom seems as elusive and unattainable as Sasquatch or Nessie the Loch Ness Monster.

I'm writing this with the fear that just by saying it, Parker is going to freak out and we will never reach this blissfully predicable state again. As it has been almost 6 weeks of this wonderful consistency and I'm really hoping it is going to stick for now. (I have been trying to write this post for a few weeks now, but I have been too afraid to publish it.)

When we came home from the hospital "people" told me to just give it time and Parker would fall into his 'own routine'. I couldn't decipher a routine out of what we where doing everyday. I never new what to expect. I'm a creature of habit. I like consistency and knowing what is going to come next. When I shower, I will do everything in the exact same order. Every time. When I clean, or drive to work, it is always in the same order. Call me OCD, crazy or whatever you would like, but the little stuff like that brings me peace.

I decided that my kid didn't know what the hell he wanted or when he wanted it. 6 weeks after coming home and we were still staying up 'till 12-1am. I never new when he was going to sleep or eat. There was no consistency. I only knew that I was going to wake up, keep the child alive and then go back to bed. When or how it was all going to happen neither of us knew. I think he was feeling as lost as I was. So we tossed that idea cause it was obvious that Parker needed a little direction.

Now it has been almost 6 blissful weeks of bath time at 8:00, boob and then bed by 10:00. Parker will then sleep until about 7:00 on days I work because I'm forced to wake him. There really is nothing I hate more than having to wake him when all I want to do myself is sleep. I just feel so bad. When we are home he wakes up on his own, typically around 8:00 - 8:30, gets a new diaper, eats, and then back to sleep for about 2 1/2 to 3hrs. What can I say, the kid loves his sleep. After a couple of cat naps, lunch, dinner, snacks, playtime and another 2-3 hr afternoon nap, it is time to start it all over again.

...Now if we could only move bedtime to 8:00...alone time with the Hubby would be wonderful...

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Poor kid

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So the Hubby is in the middle of changing Parker's diaper when he and I start to discuss the necessity of the all important butt cream. (It has been explained to me by the Hubby that he is incapable of multi-tasking.) So while having this very important conversation over the said butt cream, Hubby has Parker's legs in the air but has ceased in the middle of the diaper changing process when all of a sudden Parker starts flailing about and crying.

We of course immediately look to see what the problem is...

he is peeing in his own eye...

We being the good parents that we are, bust out laughing uncontrollably while trying to catch the stream.

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Don't cry over spilled milk...

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So the other night I took a bottle of breast milk from the fridge and was in the process of mixing it back up when I basically chucked it onto the floor. The top shatters and about two ounces spill everywhere.

Crap. Not only have I wasted perfectly good milk, I have trashed my kitchen.

Que the dog... My 12lb Shih Tzu of course comes running over to clean up the newest mess I have made.

::mouth gapes open as she starts lapping it up::

"Really? ick"

(I then quickly threw down a towel as the Hubby is rolling after watching the whole thing)

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I never though I would...

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I have been wanting to write this list for a while. I know that this isn't all and will be a lot more to come but here is the start of a list of things I said "I'll never do that when I'm a Mom"

I'll take some chocolate and whip cream on that statement as I eat my words.

'I'll never...'

Breastfeed in public...

Um... ya, that went right out the window! I figure that people would rather me feed my kid than listen to him scream.

To clarify: I don't just whip it out while standing in line or anything like that. I have a nursing cover to hide the girls, and I do try to go to someplace that is appropriate. ie: nursing area, dressing room, and I have more times than I can count nursed in the car. (car stopped, I'm not dumb)

I am guilty for breastfeeding at restaurants tho. I used to waitress and it annoyed me when women would breastfeed while eating. I used to wonder why can't you just feed the kid before you get here? Ya, I'm an ass.

Co-Sleep with my baby...

Sister: "You should register for a co-sleeper for your bed. It is safer for the baby. You'll want one once the baby is here."
Lacey: ::dumb, blank stare:: "Why? I don't want to sleep with my baby. I'll never use it."


Although this is/was not an every night thing, it happened way more than I ever thought it would. During the first few weeks we had a hard time getting Parker down to sleep at night and I would just give in knowing that i would be able to sleep 6hrs+ if I pulled him into bed with me. The thought of that much sleep for a sleep deprived momma is very alluring.

He is now a champ about sleeping in his own bed, (thank God) but we still do snuggle on the couch and nap often.

Turn on the musical part...
of the toy, bouncy seat, mobile, pack-n-play and number of other items.

::as I type the tune of some kids overly happy song plays::

I really should buy stock in batteries.

I don't even hear the crap that is playing out of those things anymore. But hey, the kid loves it.

Take my newborn out of the house before they are 2 weeks old...

Made it to day 5. I thought I was going to lose it.

It was a quick trip to Target to get some stuff that we didn't know we needed. Very helpful with my sanity tho.

be induced... The baby will come when he is ready.

Um... even had I not had high blood pressure and preeclampsia I would have begged for it to be over. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED being pregnant. But at the end, I was GINORMOUS, couldn't breath, sit, sleep, stand or walk without pain.

Parker was 10.3 at delivery so it's not as if he wasn't ready. I had done my time and that kid needed to be delivered for both our sakes. But as everyone who knows me knows, I was completely against it.

"I refuse to be induced!"

Where is my spoon?

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Welcome to my blog.
First I must say that I'm starting this blog as it is something I have thought of doing for a long time now but like so many other things in my life, I hadn't gotten around to it. So... Here I am.

One of the main reasons I'm starting this is I have discovered that now that I am a Mom and spend a majority of my time alone with an infant, I'm suffering from a serious lack of adult conversation. I guess you could say that this blog is the result of that. I seem to have A LOT of conversations that happen in my head and to prevent the crazy from taking over, I'm writing it out.

In the creation of this here blog, I was forced to name it, FIRST THING! Um HELLO?... It's like naming my child! PRESSURE... "Lacey's Laughable Life"... I like it but I fear that I might be setting people up. They are going to expect far too much from me. I don't want to TRY to be funny. I'm not like that. My 'humor' is just from everyday life. So just that everyone knows... I don't do stand up and not every post is going to make you laugh. But, I will make sure to post those LMAO moments for everyone to enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: My blog is going to be wordy, the grammar and spelling may suck but I promise to be honest and hopefully entertaining as I stumble through and possibly face plant on this journey that is parenthood.

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