I never though I would...

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I have been wanting to write this list for a while. I know that this isn't all and will be a lot more to come but here is the start of a list of things I said "I'll never do that when I'm a Mom"

I'll take some chocolate and whip cream on that statement as I eat my words.

'I'll never...'

Breastfeed in public...

Um... ya, that went right out the window! I figure that people would rather me feed my kid than listen to him scream.

To clarify: I don't just whip it out while standing in line or anything like that. I have a nursing cover to hide the girls, and I do try to go to someplace that is appropriate. ie: nursing area, dressing room, and I have more times than I can count nursed in the car. (car stopped, I'm not dumb)

I am guilty for breastfeeding at restaurants tho. I used to waitress and it annoyed me when women would breastfeed while eating. I used to wonder why can't you just feed the kid before you get here? Ya, I'm an ass.

Co-Sleep with my baby...

Sister: "You should register for a co-sleeper for your bed. It is safer for the baby. You'll want one once the baby is here."
Lacey: ::dumb, blank stare:: "Why? I don't want to sleep with my baby. I'll never use it."


Although this is/was not an every night thing, it happened way more than I ever thought it would. During the first few weeks we had a hard time getting Parker down to sleep at night and I would just give in knowing that i would be able to sleep 6hrs+ if I pulled him into bed with me. The thought of that much sleep for a sleep deprived momma is very alluring.

He is now a champ about sleeping in his own bed, (thank God) but we still do snuggle on the couch and nap often.

Turn on the musical part...
of the toy, bouncy seat, mobile, pack-n-play and number of other items.

::as I type the tune of some kids overly happy song plays::

I really should buy stock in batteries.

I don't even hear the crap that is playing out of those things anymore. But hey, the kid loves it.

Take my newborn out of the house before they are 2 weeks old...

Made it to day 5. I thought I was going to lose it.

It was a quick trip to Target to get some stuff that we didn't know we needed. Very helpful with my sanity tho.

be induced... The baby will come when he is ready.

Um... even had I not had high blood pressure and preeclampsia I would have begged for it to be over. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED being pregnant. But at the end, I was GINORMOUS, couldn't breath, sit, sleep, stand or walk without pain.

Parker was 10.3 at delivery so it's not as if he wasn't ready. I had done my time and that kid needed to be delivered for both our sakes. But as everyone who knows me knows, I was completely against it.

"I refuse to be induced!"

Where is my spoon?



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