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Welcome to my blog.
First I must say that I'm starting this blog as it is something I have thought of doing for a long time now but like so many other things in my life, I hadn't gotten around to it. So... Here I am.

One of the main reasons I'm starting this is I have discovered that now that I am a Mom and spend a majority of my time alone with an infant, I'm suffering from a serious lack of adult conversation. I guess you could say that this blog is the result of that. I seem to have A LOT of conversations that happen in my head and to prevent the crazy from taking over, I'm writing it out.

In the creation of this here blog, I was forced to name it, FIRST THING! Um HELLO?... It's like naming my child! PRESSURE... "Lacey's Laughable Life"... I like it but I fear that I might be setting people up. They are going to expect far too much from me. I don't want to TRY to be funny. I'm not like that. My 'humor' is just from everyday life. So just that everyone knows... I don't do stand up and not every post is going to make you laugh. But, I will make sure to post those LMAO moments for everyone to enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: My blog is going to be wordy, the grammar and spelling may suck but I promise to be honest and hopefully entertaining as I stumble through and possibly face plant on this journey that is parenthood.



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