McFatty Monday week 3... skinny jeans

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Do you think I'm allowed to say that "I fit into my skinny jeans" if I have to squwat in them first, just so I can walk without looking like I've just gotten off a horse? If so... "I FIT INTO MY SKINNY JEANS!!!" and if not, well then you've never had a baby or been fat in your entire life, so I really don't care what you think.

I must say that these alleged "skinny jeans" of mine come with a disclaimer. *These jeans are not true skinny jeans, they are mid-twenties, post baby body skinny jeans. Why? Because they were once my high school "Fat Jeans". Ugh. So yes, that's right. I really should be shouting that "I FIT INTO MY FAT JEANS" But hey, at least I'm about the same size I was in high school, right?

My real skinny jeans are at the top of my closet. When I committed to start loosing weight in February this year I tried them on and they came up to mid-thigh. MID-THIGH. And folks, no matter how hard you try... You. can. NOT. suck. in. your. thighs. I did however try my real skinny jeans on the other day. I got them over my bum and two of the buttons done. YES!!!

I'm a scale freak and weigh myself A LOT. I live to see the numbers go down. But there is nothing like really being able to SEE the progress you are making when you try on your "goal clothes"

This weeks exercise was not so great. Unless I can count my 12 trips to Menard's/Home Depot and pushing really long boards back and forth through the store... (that's another post) If I can't count that then I only got 3 workouts in. Sadly that's 2 short of my goal. I did however up my workout time to 45.

And drum roll please......... I HAVE LOST 30lbs!!!! Even without all of my workouts I did manage my goal of 2.2 lbs.

Weight loss this week: 2.2 lbs
Total weight lost: 30.2

*Workout 4 Days (5 right now is just setting myself up to fail)
*Lose 2 lbs (slow and steady, as I do not live on the Biggest Loser Ranch)



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