Adventures in Baby Proofing

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My whole approach on baby proofing is, aside from the obvious, like the electrical outlets and chemicals cabinets, that Parker will show us what needs to be done. I have no desire to have the annoying, finger jamming baby locks on the pan cabinet or the tupperware drawer. Other than being loud and annoying, he isn't going to hurt them or them him. Plus he has so much fun with them.

Our first and biggest problem was with our desk. The hard drive, cables, printer, disks, EVERYTHING was exposed. The only fix? Buy and new desk. Which worked for me because I hated the piece of crap that we had. It was super cheap and held the computer off the floor. The only requirements that we had at the time. Now we have a great desk that has drawers and cabinets that we were able to put baby locks on. With plenty of work space for me. So that was a total win. Baby safe. Computer safe. Mom happy.

I have found that small plastic storage containers work great for storing extra cords, gaming equipment etc. Keeping in mind that my goal wasn't to keep Parker from getting into that stuff all together because I know it wont do that, but really its just to slow him down vs just putting that stuff into a basket. I don't put anything that he could get hurt or choke on. Now that I think about it, he hasn't ever gone after them even though they are well with in his reach. I gave him a couple of his own to play with and put toys into and that seemed to do the trick. Everyone wants what they can't have. He doesn't realise that there are different things in the other ones. Yet, that is.

Oh, WARNING! I'm so not winning Mother of The Year for this one. The thing I never realised was even there could have killed my child. Back to the stupid cheap furniture again. The covers that you put into the screws... I totally forgot they even existed until I found one in Parker's mouth. I almost threw up from thinking about what could have happened. Needless to say I took them all off immediately and threw them away.

Parker is getting so big so fast. And getting into everything even faster. Everyday we are modifying how we do things, and where we put everything as he is reaching higher and going farther each day. He is teaching us just as much, if not more than we are teaching him.



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