McFatty Monday... Week 4

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Do I have to get on the scale?? Really? Can't I just ignore it this week. I have eaten crap all week. I never stepped foot on my elliptical or popped in my yoga DVD so Bob could kick my ass. And the fair was in town. Ya, It was bad. I feel like crap too. I know it's because I was eating so poorly all week.

I have several very legitimate excuses. But that's all they are, excuses. I can't blame anyone but myself. Not the stress that comes with (hopefully) buying a new house. Not the million phone calls and e-mails that needed to be taken care of because of (hopefully) said new house. Not the renovations, time and money being spent on a home that is not even ours yet so that we can kiss some appraisers ass so maybe he will take pity on us and not find something else he wants done. No. I'm Not BITTER. I have no idea where you would get that idea.

I could have made better choices or made the time to pack better lunches or make better dinners instead of going through the drive through, but I didn't. I could have made the time to work out, at least a couple of times this week, but I didn't. I could have chosen to walk through all of the building at the fair instead of just walking from the corn dogs to the cheese curds, to the oofta tacos, but I didn't.

But this week I will do better. I will eat better because we actually have food in the house now. I will exercise because I FEEL BETTER when I do. And with all this stress and anxiety that comes with buying a house I know I need the stress relief.

I just got on the scale... gain. No surprise there.

Weight loss this week: +2 lbs (it really sucks having to write that)
Total weight loss 28.2

4 workouts
lose 3 lbs (I want to lose what I gained and 1 more to get me back in the right direction)



I had a horrible eating week as well! Excuses have ruled my world for the last 6 weeks or so, and it is time for me to get back on track. Suddenly, I remembered that we have a big family reunion this coming weekend. EEK!!!

If you want to link up to our McFatty Monday's, stop by my blog. It is completely with Blair's permission... So we'd love to have you!


Life BLOWS how it gets in the way.

But I am totally digging your goals for this week. I need to do the same with exercise - I'm going to make it a point to log 15 minutes each day. More if I feel like it, but at least 15 minutes.

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