McFatty Monday week 6

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This week was a fail. I'm having a really hard time figuring out why though. I got 5 solid workouts in. At least 4 30 min workouts on the elliptical along with abs and arm stuff. I took a two mile walk/jog with Parker and the dog, followed by 20 min on the elliptical when we got back... I haven't been eating everything in sight like I may have wanted too. I wasn't eating before bed.. I don't get it.

Saturday the scale said I had lost 3.4 lbs! I was ecstatic. Today? Gain of .4 from last week. eff. Water weight? I know I didn't eat THAT much. Plus I totally work my butt off this weekend. GRRRR. I'm just really frustrated.

I was hoping that maybe my scale just needed a new battery or something. Now every other scale I have ever had has taken a 12v battery. So I dig one out of the junk drawer and head to the bathroom. I pop the battery cover off only to find one of those stupid watch battery looking things that NO ONE keeps on hand. It's something that you have to put on the damn shopping list because the only time you ever buy one is when, like here, you discover that you bought something, like an idiot, that takes one.

Now, I'm just pissed at the number and annoyed at my scale

We are moving on Sunday. Which is fantastic and sucks (insert your favorite inappropriate language here) all at the same time. Its awesome that we are buying our first home. Packing, organizing, and cleaning so we can smoothly move in one day is A. LOT. of work. and stress.

Can I blame the stress for my weight this week? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about holding my self accountable for my actions. But when I'm working my ass off, and my ass isn't coming off, I'm sorry but there has got to be a reason out of my control. I refuse to believe otherwise. ::arms crossed, pouting::

I'm going to try and post next week but I don't know if I'll have a computer up and running yet so I might miss it. If so, everyone have a great couple of weeks and I'll see you after the move!

Weight lost this week: +.4 lbs
Total weight lost: 30.2

*Don't have a complete meltdown while closing or moving.
*Don't gain 5 lbs by eating nothing but pizza and fast food because there is no food in the house.

Keeping it simple this week.



You are doing amazing. Keep it up & honestly, I bet it is water weight & simple stress.

Keep moving - it will help with the stress!

& good luck with the move!

It could just be hormones and stress. Some weeks I do everything right and gain and other weeks I do everything wrong and lose. I wouldn't let it bother you at all. Just keep up the good work and stick with it!

hang in there..keep doing everything right and it WILL come off!

Your weight will probably show off all the work you did this week at next week's weigh -- just think of it as delayed gratification!

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